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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Let it never be said I don't care about the environment...I'm into recycling! Case in point? I'm re-using this illustration from last year. ;-)

Season's Greetings! Here's to a GREAT 2013!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Heroes of the North : CODA

A quick follow up to my last post…Thought Bubble was a great con, and a fantastic time! I was able to reconnect with many old friends and make a bunch of new ones - including Guillermo. Thought Bubble is highly recommended. Heck, Deadpool even got engaged there!  

Next up, please keep an eye out for Heroes of the North : CODA now available for pre-order from Ardden Entertainment. I have 2 short stories in this one, both inked by Guillermo Ortego and colored by Keiren Smith. Pre-order details available at this link. 

Here’s a little sneak peek:


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Judge Dredd !

I'll be bringing this print along to THOUGHT BUBBLE in Leeds next weekend. (See post below)

It was inked by Guillermo Ortego , and Colored (amazingly IMHO!) by Guillem Mari....who's website I highly recommend you check out.

Come by and get one signed!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thought Bubble 2012 in Leeds!

I'm going to be attending THOUGHT BUBBLE in the UK in a few short weeks. This looks to be a great comic-con,  or 'Comic Art Festival' as its called over in Europe. Soooo proper those Brits, eh?

There are lots of great folks signed on to be there, Yanick Paquette, Mark Waid, Skottie Young, Cameron Stewart, Rufus Dayglo, Phil Noto, Rob Williams, Gary Erskine...and many more.

The thing I'm most looking forward to is meeting in person, one of my artistic partners in Crime, and inker extraordinaire - Guillermo Ortego.

Sarah and the folks organizing Thought Bubble, have very kindly set us up at tables #84 and 85 right  beside each other so we can chat to fans and each other.  I foresee many tales about Heroes of the North! We will have a few copies of the comic available, and will sign them accordingly. We'll be in the Royal Armouries link available- right here.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tales of the Buddha - Renegade Arts edition by Jon Haward and Alan Grant

Back in the WASTED magazine days, along with 'War on Drugs' there was another  re-occurring strip in every issue. It was written Alan Grant and wonderfully illustrated by Jon Haward. It was:  TALES OF THE BUDDHA

I'm happy to report that these strips are FINALLY being collected in one volume by Renegade Entertainment ! Now people worldwide can now enjoy them.
Right now its being offered as a digital down load, and a print book is scheduled to follow. I was very happy to contribute a pin up to be included in the "Tales of the Buddha-before he was Enlightened" collection. 
As you can see, the Buddha strips were drawn in a VERY different style than the way I draw! That said, this is my take on Buddha, along with Narcobitch from the War on Drugs.
The reviews are great, as are the strips. I should know... I've read them all! Please have a look and don't be shy to purchase this great little digital comic. You can do that right here! 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Undertow and the Organ Grinder update...

I'm currently hard at work on the 3rd issue of Undertow. The folks at 7th Wave have been super patient while I slotted in other works (Heroes of the North!) but now, it wont be long before the Organ Grinder and his chain smoking monkey ride again. We will pick up right from the crazy cliffhanger that was the end of issue #2....

The best news is issue #3 will have the talented and super nice Adam Gorham on pencils for 'The Forgetting', which is the other story in the book. Yep. Adam fucking Gorham. Booya!

More good news is that the print run for ISSUE #1 is almost sold out! So, we are going to a 2nd printing of issue #1!  Check back soon for details, including a possible peek at the art Ty Templeton contributed to the cool is that?!?

Here is a page of older unpublished art featuring the Organ Grinder, kindly colored by Owen Watts. Any colorists looking for high rez scans to practice with, just hit me up...I'll see what I can dig up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kayla Howran live show poster

Kayla Howran is a recording artist who puts on a GREAT live show.

So... it was an honor to be asked to help her promote an upcoming show next week. If you're in Toronto, check it out next week, it'll be a great night.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interview from Fan Expo -up at

Fan Expo came and went, and it was more amazing this year that last. It was SOO busy I cant imagine how they got that many people in over the 4 days! I lost my voice by the 3rd day, So it was no easy task for Andrew Ardizzi from Comic Book Daily to try and understand my answers to his many questions. He interviewed me for about 20 minutes, and he translated it into a nifty article over here.

Another highlight from the con was getting to play around with a state of the art wacom tablet and brand new Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6. I've never used a tablet in my life before, and I now NEED one in my life! That shit is incredible. More to come on this when I actually get one.

That sound you hear is me saving my pennies....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fan Expo - Aug 23-26, 2012!

Hi Folks,

Its one of Canada's biggext Comic cons, and I'll be there again this year. Please swing by and grab a sketch -(or contact me now to reserve a spot on my sketch list) a print, and/or signed comics.

I'll be at spot P-29, just a few seats down from my friend Frank Quitley, and right next to my pal Ty Templeton! It will be a very friendly spot in artist alley. ;-)


See you there!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heroes of the North -Comic (print version) order information

Here is the solicitation/ordering info for the HOTN print version out larter this year. Lots of great talent found in this book, so please ask your comic shop to order them up!

Ardden Entertainment unveiled their new releases for September later this year.


Cover by Geof Isherwood

Writers: Ty Templeton and Yann & Michel Brouillette

Artists: Richard Pace, Dan Parent, Geof Isherwood, David J. Cutler, Gibson Quarter (with Guilermo Ortego).

Price: $4.99

Full Color, 80 Pages

Nordik and 8 Ball team up to elucidate cold blooded murders. 8 Ball and Black Terror bring down a counterfeiters ring. The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys and Nordik thwart a zombots attack in Riverdale, Toronto. A CDO agent discovers what it means to be The Canadian. A young orphan becomes Acadia. All that in more in this 80 pages follow-up to the Heroes of the North: Dark Origins!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Futurequake #21 - Superman Vs. Flash homage

I'm just finishing up the art (pencils and inks) for a 5 page story for the next issue of Futurequake. It will be Futurequake #21, and I've done the cover as well. It's the Olympic issue, and my story is about the earth's best sprinter running against alien sprinter for the gold. So...when it came to the cover, I felt I had to go back to one of my all time favorite covers, Superman Vs. Flash !

When I first saw this cover as a kid, it blew my mind! Why were they racing? Who would win? ...and more importantly, how could I get my parents to buy it for me?!?

With this cover as my guide, I came up with my 'Sci-fi Olympic Alien' version for Futurequake.

It was colored by my frequent partner in comics, Kerien Smith. This issue is set to go on sale in Early July, just in time for the Olympics. What a coincidence! ;-)

 I'll update here on the blog when it becomes officially available, and how you can grab a copy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heroes of the North -webcomic link

The Heroes of the North comic referenced in my last post is now up! Click right here to check it out.

The first few pages were inked by me, then Guillermo Ortego came in to do the last few pages. It was colored by Keiren Smith.

I'll be doing more with these hereos, so I hope you enjoy it. Have a click, check it out, and please drop a rating/comment over there while you are at it.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At Calgary Expo this weekend!

I had a great time at C2E2 a few weeks back in Chicago, and now its almost time to say hello to the folks out in Calgary again. I did the Calgary Expo last year, and found it was one of the BEST shows I'd been to in a long time. Kandrix and his crew had some of the best organization I'd ever seen, along with some great crowds.

I'm psyched to do it again this weekend. The show is April 27th-29th. Full details over at the Calgary Expo website.  As a bonus... my pal Ty the guy is a featured guest so I'll get to hang with him and the HON crew! Should be a great time indeed. Plan to come by if you are in Calgary this weekend!

Edit! - forgot to add, I'm at booth K 07 !!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heroes of the North Comic

Next up for me is a comic for Heroes of the North, which ties into the videos and web series that they have. I highly recommend you check them out over here!

I've drawn a story with the hero 8-Ball and Black Terror. The comic will be online shortly (free!) and then available in a print version. The print version will be released in a few months once its collected into the next heroes of the North Omnibus.

In the meanwhile, here's some art to tide you over..the second page is inked up by my partner in crime Guillermo Ortego who inked up the last few pages of the story. Deviant art will allow for  closer look.

Once it goes online I'll be sure to mention it here, and on my twitter feed.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Invest comics -'One and Done' comic for CBLDF

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but 'One and done' is now out.

I've got a page of art in this book written by  Dino Caruso, aka Mr. Anthology.

Please check it out, as its for a great cause. If you dont yet know, the CBLDF ..." Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers. The CBLDF provides legal referrals, representation, advice, assistance, and education in furtherance of these goals. If you wish to support CBLDF, you can visit their website at "

Monday, February 20, 2012

Undertow #2 now out -with interviews

Its official, Undertow issue #2 is now out!  For those in Toronto, you can pick it up at the Silver Snail and the Comics Gallery and Lounge. It can also be ordered online at the 7th Wave site.

I've done an online interview over at Comic Book and Movie Reviews  and it can be found by clicking here.

I've also done an interview you can watch with Alice and the fine folks at Tdot comics.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gutters 244 - Wolverine and the Eiffel Tower

In all the excitement about Undertow #2, I almost forgot to mention that I drew up another Gutters...

Click here to see the full strip...but be warned, it may put a visual in your brain that you cant get rid of!! Especially if you like Wolverine.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

UNDERTOW #2 - 5 Preview pages

In a little over a one week, Undertow #2 will be out. It's launching at the Undertow/7th Wave booth Jan 28th and 29th at Wizardworld Con in New Orleans. After Feb 1st it'll be available online here.

The book will be black and white once again and thirty-two pages featuring two stories: THE FORGETTING illustrated by Jonathan A. Rector and Greg Harms, and THE ORGAN-GRINDER illustrated by me. Both stories are written by Luke Donkersloot.

So, whats it all about? My short answer is: a one armed gunfighter, his chain smoking monkey and a mysterious cursed organ he can't destroy.

Fortunately for me, I have acess to a much better description: "A one-armed man travels over the blasted plain of the old west with only his monkey Moses to offer him company. Few ever take the time to ponder why Jeremiah walks around with an organ box strapped over one shoulder. It certainly hasn't been bringing him any luck of late.

Despite mounting obstacles, it’s been years since Jeremiah was forced to pick up a gun to defend himself. But marauders in the unsuspecting town of Rioda, Montana are about to push the “cripple” one step too far. The deep dark secret of the organ-grinder is close to being released. You'd best cover your ears as that old tune begins to play. "

Note: if you have trouble reading them due to sizing by blogspot, please click over here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Joe Madureira meets the Undertow...

Joe Madureira is a big artistic inspiration to me.

His art captures energy, emotion and movement exceptionally well. Those elements are pretty much the 'big 3' that I'm constantly trying to put in my pages.

Anyways, Luke Donkersloot the up-and-coming writer of the Undertow, (and the Organ Grinder stories therein), had the opportunity to meet with Joe at last year's Wizardcon in Austin Texas. Joe was kind eneough to take a read through Undertow #1 and sign a copy for me.

It's much appreciated, and hangs in my studio. Thanks to Luke for braving the crazy long lineup, and thanks also to Joe Mad!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breaking Bad with DEADPOOL !

I've been meaning to draft up a few new superhero prints for a while, but interior comic work has kept me VERY busy. I finally found some time to get to a request to draw Deadpool.

At the last Montreal con, a fan asked if I had any DEADPOOL art. I told her I could draw one up, and she requested that I "please put some tacos in it". Apparently Deadpool loves tacos. (who knew?) She showed me a Deadpool comic (issue #14 I think) where he's fighting while trying to eat tacos, and her request stayed wih me. So here you go Montreal fan, a nod to my favorite T.V show, and a print inspired by your request.

This print was inked (wonderfully!) by Guillermo Ortego and colored (wonderfully!)by my long time colorist Keiren Smith.

So yes, I do take requests! ;-)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

UNDERTOW #2 - The Organ Grinder is back!

You cant keep a one armed cursed gunfighter and his chain smoking monkey down for long. Undertow #2 is FINALLY set to be released in a few short weeks, and will debut this January 28th at the WIZARD WORLD con in New Orleans!

I have 17 pages of art in there this time around, which is the most amount of consecutive pages I've ever had in one book. It took me a while, so I'm happy to see it finally getting out there. Add to that the fact that its a GREAT little story continuing from where we left off in issue #1 AND that I get to draw monkeys...and we have a winner. ;-)

An added bonus for me is that I'll be attending The Con in New Orleans to launch the book. This will be my FIRST American con, so I'm pretty psyched!! I'll be joined by the publisher, writer and a 2 other artists involved with the book.

I'll have some preview art and full details here on this blog in a week or so. I'll be doing an in-store signing here in Toronto shortly after I get back In February, so folks that want to grab one can do so. Check back soon for all the details.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 -year end round up!

2011 was a good year.

In reflecting on 2011 and doing some more fact checking, this is how it checked out. I had 5 comics/magazines published this year, as well as contributing to 2 trade paperback collections. I got to go to the Gutters once and finally joined twitter! ( @gibsonquarter ) I also managed 3 Comic Conventions, a T.V. appearance, and did 12 months worth of ‘paying it back’ via A3on11. I also have 2 books ‘in the can’ that are 100% drawn and done …I’ll be talking about them very soon. So, that's basically what’s been keeping me busy for the past 12 months! (whew)

My goal is to make my art in 2012 even better, and I'm working on that as we speak. I've got a number of Cool projects awaiting my attention, and I’m doing my first American con this year in a few short weeks. New Orleans here I come!

To all those who have helped and supported me this year, THANK YOU! There are too many important people to list individually, but you know who you are.

Happy 2012 everyone!