boba Fett

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 - Year end round up!

I love doing these yearly round ups. It keeps me organized and gives me an idea on my over-all output in one easy place...the first blog post of every January. ;-)

In reflecting on 2014 and doing some fact checking on the pages I drew, here's what went down:

2 trade paperbacks...a first for me!
(Heroes of the North - Compendium and Legacies)

4 comics published this year.
( The Undertow #4, The Undertow Free Comic book day special, Professor Elemental #3 , and the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel #3. )

2+1/2  pages of the Gutters.
( All can be found here, and the 'half' page that almost was is here )

1 art book - from the 2014 Calgary Expo Show

2 new prints, and 1 pin up in Monstrosity #2

Add to that my trip to Seattle's ECCC, and a  few Canadian Conventions and there you have it.

My goal now is to make 2015 my most prolific yet,  and I'm working on that as we speak. I've got many pages 'in the can' that I'll show and talk about closer to the dates when the books are set to come out. You can read about here or by following me on twitter.   

A big THANK YOU to all those who have helped and supported me this year. There are too many important people to list individually, but you know who you are.

Happy 2015 to all.