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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hippy and Trippy!

My pages for Wasted #8 are in the can!

I'm quite happy with this panel in particular...Alan Grant's script called for:

"Large panel. Johnny is massively stoned, with half strenght images/visons of peace, love, flower power, dancing naked ladies and a hippy band playing behind him.

I think I got the message across, even is the girl isn't quite dancing. ;-)

By the way, I hope the folks that wanted it grabbed Wasted issue #7, as it has now sold out! I figured it would, but went SUPER quick!

Wasted 8 will be out in mid May. I'll post details when I get them, so check back here for details or head over here.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Gibson!
    I met a girl "once" from BC. She had a wonderful demeanour and an even

    better story. Her eye's glowed of green, as she passed the blunt, so

    serene! Now she's a Hippy Trippy, Hippy girl, with chameleon eye's........

    She takes another puff "o" Joe, and watched it scream across the sky.....

    In Spirit Brutha!