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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thought Bubble 2012 in Leeds!

I'm going to be attending THOUGHT BUBBLE in the UK in a few short weeks. This looks to be a great comic-con,  or 'Comic Art Festival' as its called over in Europe. Soooo proper those Brits, eh?

There are lots of great folks signed on to be there, Yanick Paquette, Mark Waid, Skottie Young, Cameron Stewart, Rufus Dayglo, Phil Noto, Rob Williams, Gary Erskine...and many more.

The thing I'm most looking forward to is meeting in person, one of my artistic partners in Crime, and inker extraordinaire - Guillermo Ortego.

Sarah and the folks organizing Thought Bubble, have very kindly set us up at tables #84 and 85 right  beside each other so we can chat to fans and each other.  I foresee many tales about Heroes of the North! We will have a few copies of the comic available, and will sign them accordingly. We'll be in the Royal Armouries link available- right here.

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