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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breaking Bad with DEADPOOL !

I've been meaning to draft up a few new superhero prints for a while, but interior comic work has kept me VERY busy. I finally found some time to get to a request to draw Deadpool.

At the last Montreal con, a fan asked if I had any DEADPOOL art. I told her I could draw one up, and she requested that I "please put some tacos in it". Apparently Deadpool loves tacos. (who knew?) She showed me a Deadpool comic (issue #14 I think) where he's fighting while trying to eat tacos, and her request stayed wih me. So here you go Montreal fan, a nod to my favorite T.V show, and a print inspired by your request.

This print was inked (wonderfully!) by Guillermo Ortego and colored (wonderfully!)by my long time colorist Keiren Smith.

So yes, I do take requests! ;-)

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  1. As I've said before, you are the king of the falling action shot!! There is more energy and movement in that picture than some people manage to get in a whole comic ;)

    I do hope a Marvel editor gets to see it, as your style would be a great fit with Deadpool (I am unsure if I've voiced that opinion before but I've definitely thought it, possibly) - it's dynamic and fun, plus you've got plenty of proof that you are no slouch on the visual storytelling front.

    Also: ninjas!!!