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Monday, June 4, 2012

Futurequake #21 - Superman Vs. Flash homage

I'm just finishing up the art (pencils and inks) for a 5 page story for the next issue of Futurequake. It will be Futurequake #21, and I've done the cover as well. It's the Olympic issue, and my story is about the earth's best sprinter running against alien sprinter for the gold. So...when it came to the cover, I felt I had to go back to one of my all time favorite covers, Superman Vs. Flash !

When I first saw this cover as a kid, it blew my mind! Why were they racing? Who would win? ...and more importantly, how could I get my parents to buy it for me?!?

With this cover as my guide, I came up with my 'Sci-fi Olympic Alien' version for Futurequake.

It was colored by my frequent partner in comics, Kerien Smith. This issue is set to go on sale in Early July, just in time for the Olympics. What a coincidence! ;-)

 I'll update here on the blog when it becomes officially available, and how you can grab a copy.

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