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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ghost Rider - Gutters 455

I've drawn up another Gutters over here: 

Gutters is a series of standalone pages that parody the comic book industry and the heroes and characters that dwell within. Think of it as an editorial cartoon targeting comic books, and you'll be on the right track. Gutters is written by Ryan Sohmer, has Ed Ryzowski as colorist.

I really like working with these guys, and I'm up to a grand total of 4 strips now...including the infamous 'Effiel tower' gay Wolverine Strip. (Which Sohmer has told me is one of their best selling prints...that cracks me up!)  You can check them all out here. 

Please click on over and give Gutters #455 a big thumbs up!  ;-)  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Undertow Comic interview in Self Publisher Magazine #69

The good folks at Self Publisher magazine recently did a nice 4 page article/interview with Luke and I regarding the Undertow as well as life and issues for a small publisher.

Luke Donkersloot, the writer and publisher at 7th Wave comics did most of the heavy lifting, but I pushed past my natural shyness (!) and spoke up a bit too. The download of this magazine is free (FREE!) and available here at this link.  SELF PUBLISHER #69

We are hard at work on Undertow issue #4 and I'm back doing the 'Organ Grinder' part of the comic. I'm once again joined by Adam Gorham on the 'Forgetting' also contained within. Its set to be released at ECCC next March and will be available at comics shops and the 7th wave website shortly after that.

Page 4 will probably look a little like the image below, but with words and stuff. Writers always seem to want to add them. ;-)
Undertow issue 4-'Organ Grinder' panels from page 4

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

KIll Shakespeare - Tide of Blood pin up

Time sure has been racing by since the last update…I actually had a month sneak in here where I DIDN’T have an update. WTF? I hate that, and will try not to have that happen again for a while!

The Fan Expo show was amazing…. It ALWAYS is! It’s always a close battle for ‘best con of the year’ between Calgary Expo and Toronto FanExpo.  This year I give the nod (just barely!) to Fan Expo…mostly because I had a STELLAR booth girl again this year to help out.  Your move in 2014 Calgary!

I’ll have lots art coming your way soon. Once it gets close to the publication date, I’ll be showing some of it off here, on twitter, and Deviantart.

Speaking of publication date, here is a pin up for the Kill Shakespeare guys and their latest trade paperback - Tide of Blood. I think it turned out quite well, except for the weird crop it got in the published version. I designed it to bleed off the page, but when it came out, that didn’t happen. Cest la vie. Here is the version I had in mind.

 Great colors by the series colorist: Shari Hes

See you in a month!  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fan Expo 2013 - free Deadpool Print!

I'm happy to be in artist alley (4th year running!) at Fan Expo next week starting on Thursday.  Hours, dates  and details can be found on the Fan Expo Canada website right here.  

***Update - I'm at spot P-41 in artist alley **

I'll have prints, including a new FREE (for a tweet!) 11x17 black and white Deadpool and Hit Monkey Print. Its an homage to those old Hostess Twinkie ads. This one in particular:

All you need to do is tweet this link and/or the image with #deadpool and make sure you put it @gibsonquarter so I'll see it. Then just pick it up from me at FanExpo! Easy, huh? I'm trying this little social media experiment out, so we'll see what happens! I have limited copies & once they are gone, it's over. So...if you want one, don't wait too long. ;-) One per person, and I'll gladly sign it when you pick it up.

I'll have a few other prints for sale at the table too.

I'll also have the following COMICS:

Undertow #1 (2nd printing)
Undertow #2
Undertow #3 (it's new!)

Monstrosity #1 (see post below)

Professor Elemental #2

I also have a VERY few copies of Heroes of the North Omnibus #2

I'm always happy to sign anything that I've done work in, so please stop by next week! I've not heard of my exact spot in artist alley yet, but I'll update it here also tweet it out once I know.

See you at Fan Expo!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


What is Monstrosity?

Monstrosity is a monster movie lovers dream. Godzilla vs. King Kong. Giant robots smashing through cities, Jason and the Argonauts battling sword and shield wielding skeletons. Those were the types of movies that fueled a love affair with monsters that provided the creative fuel that led to the creation of this graphic novel anthology, Monstrosity!

Its also a book I have some work in! Fearless Fred (writer of TUETON,) drafted up a a crafty little tale after our Podcast and drew 5 pages for this digest sized book. I worked smaller than I normally do here, and I can honesty say I wont try that again! LOL, thats blog post in and of itself for another time.

Anyways, MONSTROSITY is now listed in Diamond, and will be coming out soon. Please check out the old Indiegogo site to see some of the AWESOME work you can expect to see.

 Fred and I are in some great company on this one!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Professor Elemental comic issue #2

I've recently been introduced to the world of the Professor Elemental. He is a "hip hop/trip hop rapper who embraces both comedy and the world of Steampunk as his musical niche."

Simple right? 

He's also a great (and unique!) musician. Have a look at one of my favorite videos from the Prof.

So... besides alerting you to a terrific new musician from the other side of the pond, why am I bringing this up? Well Professor Elemental's 2nd comic is now out, and I've done a few pages of art in it.

The inks were done by Mike Bunt : [link]

The colors were done by the talented Andre May [link]

Take a closer look at some preview pages and order the book over at the Professor's site .

I'll also have some copies at the next few cons I do including Fan Expo in August.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Appearing at Calgary Expo April 26th, 27th and 28th , 2013

Calgary Expo is totally sold out, and it’s not even open for another week!! These cons are getting bigger and badder all the time.

I'll be attending the Calgary Expo again this year. I’ll be in artist alley at table P 12  - on April 26th, 27th and 28th 2013.
I  LOVE the Calgary show and have now gone for 3 years running. This year’s show will be extra special for me, as I’m finally getting a chance to reconnect with Alan Grant!  We plan to talk about more War on Drugs,  Johnny K. and maybe even something new. I’ve recently been forwarded two ‘lost’  W.O.D. scripts which I’ve yet to do art for,  so Johnny K.  may yet be resurrected...
For those that CAN get in, please stop by table P-12 and say “Hi”. I’m bring along all issues  (#1, #2, and the new #3)  of Undertow ,  sketch covers,  prints –including the New Deadpool one and issues of the Heroes of the North!
Now... off to get some more sketch covers ready for the show! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fearless Fred Podcast - 'Fredcast' Indie Comics 2

A few weeks ago, I had the great  pleasure of dropping by a recording studio to sit down with 102.1 the Edge's own Fearless Fred Kennedy 


Fred does many things (T.V. /radio) but the most important is podcasts! He does great podcasts or " Fredcasts" about comics, and this time out we discussed working on indie comics. Joining me at the indie creator roundtable was Adam Gorham and Ricky Lima. It was a ton of fun, and a great chat. If its half as fun to listen to as it was to record, it'll be worth your time to listen!

There are many free "Fredcasts" to enjoy, and I recommend you listen to a few--or all of them! Fred's interviewed many amazing guests, the majority of them comic book superstars.

It's free to download from  iTunes or ... Go over here and have a listen!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gutters #387

This one was done on the fly while I was at ECCC this weekend. People were bumping the table while I was creating it, and my drawing board and tunes were no where in sight!  The colorist really did some heavy lifting on this one. 

Check it out here. 

I always enjoy helping Ryan Sohmer and the Gutters folks out, they are super easy to work with. However, next time... I'll make sure I'm back in the studio. It's WAY easier to do draw nice finished art there!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Undertow #3 - 5 page preview

I'm happy to report that UNDERTOW #3 is set and ready for it's release at Emerald city Comic-con on March 1st! Its also available to order (along with issue #1 and #2) right now at the 7th wave website. It's been a while since the cliffhanger ending of  the Organ Ginder story from issue #2, and we pick it up right from there. This issue also marks the start of Adam Gorham's stellar art work on the other story in this comic "The Forgetting". 

Here's a 5 page preview of what you can expect. I'm inking myself on this one, but Guillermo Ortego helped out on the cover, which was wonderfully colored up by Greg Harms. (Technically its a 6 page preview with a cover too...but I'm an artist Dammit! Math might not be my thing.)

This will also be available at local Toronto comic stores the week of March 13th, 2013. Adam and I will be possibly be doing some in store signings too. I'll update it via twitter when they happen.

If you'd like to check out more, there's a 5 page preview from issue #2 over here. ;-)

I'll be at the Emerald city con for the launch at the 7th Wave booth. Its booth #2403,  so come and get it signed!  Anyone who mentions that they saw the 5 page preview will get a free head sketch of Moses -my favorite chain smoking monkey from Undertow.

If you cant make it- please order your copy direct from Luke at the 7th wave website.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wolverine sketch cover for charity

Nick Bradshaw alerted me to a charity to help raise money for a children's ward at a hospital in Halifax. The Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation, to be precise.

I spent many, many hours in the hospital as a kid, and its where I developed my love for comics. Comic books helped get me though some tough times - or at least distracted me from them for a while.

I've sent this original art Wolverine and the X-men #1 'sketch cover' off to be bid on. It's available by connecting with the folks at Strange Adventures.

 Click here for the details.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

2012 -year end round up!

I'm a little late on this one... I'll be more timely and try for a Jan 1st post next year. ;-)

In reflecting on 2012 and doing some more fact checking, this is what went down. It should be noted that I don’t really suspect that this will be overwhelmingly interesting to most folks, but I do it mostly to help keep myself organized and on track. It’s interesting to me to see all that I’ve accomplished in 12 months by clicking on the first blog post every January!

So with out further ado… I had work in 3 comics and 1 comic magazine published this year. Specifically that’s Undertow #2,  One and Done, and Heroes of the North –Omnibus #2 , as well as contributing a cover and interior art to Futurequake.

I also got to drop down to the Gutters again , and still hung out (and posted more!) on twitter. ( @Gibsonquarter  )    I was international in my appearances this year, and attended Comic Cons in: New Orleans, Calgary, Toronto and Leeds in England.  

As it stands now, I plan to keep just as busy this year! Work is under way for more Heroes of the North  (with inks by Guillermo Ortego) and the soon-to-be-blogged-about release of Undertow issue #3.  Watch for details on that, and my next American Convention appearance here soon.