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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Undertow and the Organ Grinder update...

I'm currently hard at work on the 3rd issue of Undertow. The folks at 7th Wave have been super patient while I slotted in other works (Heroes of the North!) but now, it wont be long before the Organ Grinder and his chain smoking monkey ride again. We will pick up right from the crazy cliffhanger that was the end of issue #2....

The best news is issue #3 will have the talented and super nice Adam Gorham on pencils for 'The Forgetting', which is the other story in the book. Yep. Adam fucking Gorham. Booya!

More good news is that the print run for ISSUE #1 is almost sold out! So, we are going to a 2nd printing of issue #1!  Check back soon for details, including a possible peek at the art Ty Templeton contributed to the cool is that?!?

Here is a page of older unpublished art featuring the Organ Grinder, kindly colored by Owen Watts. Any colorists looking for high rez scans to practice with, just hit me up...I'll see what I can dig up.

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