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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tales of the Buddha - Renegade Arts edition by Jon Haward and Alan Grant

Back in the WASTED magazine days, along with 'War on Drugs' there was another  re-occurring strip in every issue. It was written Alan Grant and wonderfully illustrated by Jon Haward. It was:  TALES OF THE BUDDHA

I'm happy to report that these strips are FINALLY being collected in one volume by Renegade Entertainment ! Now people worldwide can now enjoy them.
Right now its being offered as a digital down load, and a print book is scheduled to follow. I was very happy to contribute a pin up to be included in the "Tales of the Buddha-before he was Enlightened" collection. 
As you can see, the Buddha strips were drawn in a VERY different style than the way I draw! That said, this is my take on Buddha, along with Narcobitch from the War on Drugs.
The reviews are great, as are the strips. I should know... I've read them all! Please have a look and don't be shy to purchase this great little digital comic. You can do that right here! 


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