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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deviant Art & Wolveine Vs. Venom colored

I’ve recently joined Deviant art, and I’m now KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT JOINING SOONER!

D.A. is AWESOME! There is so much amazing work there, I’ve found myself spending loads of time looking at terrific art. D.A. is also how this Wolverine Vs. Venom print just got colored by the super talented (and quick!) Tom Berry - a.k.a. Radiator.

I’ve admired Tom’s work for a while over at the monthly art competitions on the 2000ad boards. I really like his coloring sensibilities. His work is very unique, in a great way. Check out his DA gallery for proof of this.

I posted up the black and white linework of this print (shown down below on this blog) over at MY D.A. site:

and next thing I know Tom says he’s like to color it, but it might take a few months. Fair play. I can wait. Tom said he’d try and get it to me before I head to the UK for Bristol con…then 2 days later, he’s done! Perhaps Wolverine is his muse...I dunno. But I DO KNOW that he did a great job.

Thanks Tom!


  1. Superb stuff. GQ + Radiator = dream team!

  2. Radiator's work is great and that is an impressive colouring job that really lifts the piece to a whole new level.