boba Fett

Sunday, January 3, 2010

‘Creativity nerve Central’…a.k.a. where the work happens!

Happy new Year ya’ll!

Over the holidays I had the time to read ‘Studio Space’ by Joel Meadows, which I really enjoyed. It’s quite interesting to me to see where the folks whose work I admire do what they do. Everyone’s workspace is so unique- just like their work. I highly recommend this read, it’s a great book.

With that said, here is my studio set up, where I’ve created almost all of my published work in the last 3 years.

Probably the most important thing that you can’t see is my computer and scanner. They are to the left of me when I’m sitting at my art board. My computer is where ALL my music comes from, so if I go deaf on my left ear only…now you know why! ;-)

Oh, and the Frank Quitely Authority page taped to my table is NOT an original (obviously) but a photocopy I made a few years ago. It was put there for inspiration originally, and now it has about 142 dots on it. Why dots you ask? Well almost every page I’ve worked on has had 2 or 3 vanishing points go off my page, so its come in very handy!! Actually, my whole table looks like it might have the chicken pox for this very reason…


  1. Cool! Love seeing where & how people create. Leigh Gallagher posted something very similar to this the other day, have you seen it? I'm too ashamed to photograph my humble workspace - maybe when we move later this year to a bigger place and I can set something decent up.

  2. Hi MGB, no I've not seen it. Leigh and I must be on the same psychic wavelength! I'll check it out. thx for the heads up!