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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Proof pin up for Image comics

Proof #25 came out today, and I did a pin up in there, so check it out!

This was originally gonna be colored by Riley Rossmo and I was very psyched about it, as he colors in a very unique way –see the cover for an idea of what I’m talking about...pretty spiffy , eh? In order to work with his coloring style, I left it penciled as I thought it would mesh better with Riley’s colors. Anyways, the deadline monster reared its ugly head and it was published directly from my pencils as seen below. To Alex Grecian’s credit, he did say if I waited for the next issue he’d get it colored and in there….but I opted to have it in #25 , as this was always scheduled to be a special issue with a number of Pin ups in there.

That Alex and fellers they are…check out this book!

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