boba Fett

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Time really does fly! Hard to believe I’ll be over in the U.K. at the Bristol con in a few short weeks. Besides prints and sketchbooks, I’m bringing along 6 pages of Judge Dredd sequential samples for the 2000ad Editor. ‘Tharg’ sent me a great little script written by Gordon Rennie, called ‘Last Respects’. It has already been published, but I’ve not seen any of it yet.**

This time out I was asked to make the pages “less cartoony” than some of my previous work in Futurequake. So…if my art looks a bit different this time out, that’s probably why. Hopefully I was successful in this. I tried to think more like Cliff Robinson and less like Humberto Ramos on these pages. I also made sure I did some very tight pencils, even though I’m inking these myself. That’s due to the fact that I plan to send these samples to some other publishers who like to keep the penciller and inker work separate, unlike 2000ad.

These are the first 3 pages, and the next 3 are basically a massively crowded gunfight…you know, the fun stuff to draw!!

**( Rest assured, I’ll track it down when I’m over there and compare it to mine!)


  1. Looking excellent Gibson, very tight work. Hope the great green one smiles upon you!

  2. These are looking fantastic GQ. Flawless characterization. I really enjoyed your art on 'Father Figure' in the recent Zarjaz, and I know you drew that strip over a year ago, but this stuff is a huge improvement. Tharg'll be bowled over mate!

  3. Good luck GQ, I'd love to see you in my prog!

  4. This is looking seriously impressive. I think being able to produce a more... editor-friendly style, while also having a wilder one in reserve, can only help your chance - it has to improve the odds of an editor greenlighting a script and thinking to themselves "you know this guy's style might just fit this story."

    Looking forward to seeing the inks.

  5. As someone who saw these pages in layout form, I'm blown away by the final versions. Nice tweaks, excellent storytelling. There's more pages than this, though....where are the others?