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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Original Art on EBAY -Fundraiser

I've just been told that the original art I donated to the Shuster foundation for a fundraiser has been posted up on Ebay. You can check the auction out here.

I have never sold any of my art, and actually have everything I have ever done, except for 3 pages which were given as gifts. I may consider selling some in the future, but I really feel uncomfortable letting any of it go right now. The upshot of this is, if you are interested in pciking up some of my original art, this may be the best and only chance you'll have for a while.

Any hey, its for a great cause!! Check out the Shuster site for more info.


1 comment:

  1. Its all for a good cause and seems to be going well!!

    Everything else? Well keep that for the Gibson Quarter Wing of the local art museum and/or whatever your equivalent to the Jack Kirby Collector magazine will be, personally I'm hoping it'll be called the Gibson Quarterly. ;)