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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Art Blast April - War on Drugs, a.k.a my first published work

I probably SHOULD have started Art blast April with this, but I didn't, because that would require being much better organized than I currently am. ;-)

This is my FIRST published page, and the one that started it all. The importance of seeing this published in Northern Lightz at the time ( over 10 years ago!) cant be overstated. I was thrilled! I felt like I had finally made it, and resolved then and there that I would be a professional comic artist.

I was very lucky to have Gary Erskine ink this one, and he did me a lot of favors. He basically re-drew the helicopter in the big panel, as the one I had sent in was pretty weak by comparison. Alan Grant wrtoe this one and it marks the first appearance of 'Johnny K' from the War on Drugs, which went on to run in 2 magazines over in the U.K.

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