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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teuton pin up with inker Guillermo Ortego

Guillermo Ortego is an awesome inker. He's currently inking up the X-Factor books over at Marvel. He inks Emanuela Lupacchino's lovely pencils, and I'm a big fan of their work together. Here is a sample of their X Factor original art.

Nice work, eh?

To make a long story short... Luckily for me, Guillermo wanted to work on some of my pencils, and our schedules finally alligned. We recently jammed on a pin up for the Teuton Trade paperback for Bix Sexy Comics. It looks like this:

Teuton is a labor of love, You can tell when you read it...if you like 'Game of Thrones' then this book is for you! It's drawn by Adam Gorham and written by local D.J./T.V. personality and all around nice guy, 'Fearless' Fred Kennedy...It was officially launched at Fan Expo a few weeks ago, and is now availabe to order right here.

Guillermo and I plan to work together again soon. I kinda feel like he got ripped off a bit, as he likes the angular 'sharp' kind of look to my work, and I went off and drew the most soft and curvey drawing I've done in a while. (Sorry G, I'll make it up to you on the next one!) I'll be sure to draw up a hardcore Batman or Deadpool for him to ink one of these days soon...


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