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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holmes Inc. # 2 is a wrap!

Holmes Inc #2? Yes! The game is afoot once again!

I'm happy to report that my pages for Holmes Inc. #2 are now all done and dusted. Ty Templeton says they are probably the best pages he's ever seen from me, and he's seen just about ALL of my work. (Probably because we ALWAYS seem to be sitting within spitting distance -or directly beside each other- at conventions. But I digress...)

'Polarized' is the tale I provided artwork for and it was written by Sam Ruano. This time I'm pencilling and inking myself. The story features abandoned Antarctic mine shafts, creeepy aliens and related family members making out. I'm serious. I couldnt make this stuff up.

Only Sam could...and did.

Once again, the overall creative process was a blast. Having a real 'bullpen' creative environment once a week at our update meetings was very fun. Seeing some of the other artist's great artwork makes one want to go and work even harder on their own, and I think there's real value in that. It's also heart warming to see folks who were new to the publishing game grow artistically and gain confidence over the weeks while we were at it.

This is the main Holmes Inc. website to swing over to. There are tons of goodies going up there every day and you can even do the twitter thing to grabs all the details.

The book should be out in about 4 weeks or so. Keep watching this space, and The Holmes Inc site for the exact date.


  1. This art looks good. Did you do just one story?

  2. Just one 7 pager from me this issue, but I also did a story in issue #1.