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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Non -repro BLUE ?!?

“How does that non repro blue thing work?”

This is question I get a lot when I mention that I use ‘non repro’ blue pencils to layout pages and do large chunks of the under drawing with it. Since it’s a topic of discussion over at the 2000ad boards, I’m posting up some big images to help folks have a look at what I’m talking about.

I’ve scanned this panel in COLOR, so you can see what it looks like to me on my drawing board.

Now here it is again, scanned in Grayscale, to be sent along to the inker ( who is not me in this case) See how the blue vanishes? Cool, eh?

Please note that NOT ALL BLUE WORKS! You need to be sure to get ‘Non-Photo blue’, also called ‘non-repro blue’ in some art stores. The ones I use are Staedtler Non Photo blue drawing pencils.

Hope this helps those who were wondering... I’m talking to you Emperor!



  1. God bless you chief, the mystery unravelled at last!

  2. Thank you, kind sir.

    I'm such a nosey sod that you should just assume that the answer to "would you like to see..." is probably yes, even if I regret it later ;)