boba Fett

Monday, August 24, 2009

James Bong...licence to chill

Hey everyone! Here's the latest update. I'm currently working on a 'James Bong' story for GMP, the first page of which can be seen below. I'm also gonna throw in a panel from page 2 just cuz it cracks me up everytime I look at it!

I'm a bit worried that its starting to look like I'm channelling J. Scott Campbell, but that seems to be what happens when I go for a more 'cartoony' type of look. Regardless, I'm having a blast drawing it, and I hope it shows.

REMINDER! I'll be at the fan Expo here in Toronto this weekend, so please do drop by if you can and say hello. I'm in artist alley, just not sure where exactly yet. There's your challenge...try and track me down!!



  1. Yummy! Great art!

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