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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

UNDERTOW #2 - The Organ Grinder is back!

You cant keep a one armed cursed gunfighter and his chain smoking monkey down for long. Undertow #2 is FINALLY set to be released in a few short weeks, and will debut this January 28th at the WIZARD WORLD con in New Orleans!

I have 17 pages of art in there this time around, which is the most amount of consecutive pages I've ever had in one book. It took me a while, so I'm happy to see it finally getting out there. Add to that the fact that its a GREAT little story continuing from where we left off in issue #1 AND that I get to draw monkeys...and we have a winner. ;-)

An added bonus for me is that I'll be attending The Con in New Orleans to launch the book. This will be my FIRST American con, so I'm pretty psyched!! I'll be joined by the publisher, writer and a 2 other artists involved with the book.

I'll have some preview art and full details here on this blog in a week or so. I'll be doing an in-store signing here in Toronto shortly after I get back In February, so folks that want to grab one can do so. Check back soon for all the details.

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