boba Fett

Monday, July 20, 2009

The best part of working in Comics.

I'm back from my vacation, now another year older and raring to go!!

One of the best aspects of comics (IMHO) is that you get to work with many other talented folks -writers,editors and artists. I often find with some of my favorite creators, the resulting combinations makes the overall product better. ( Think Byrne/Austin and Morrison/Quitely) case in point for me is Gary Erskine. Gary's a very nice pro inker and artist who has inked over me in the past and has recently done it again. I can't show you the whole pages or the folks at 'Wasted' magazine would probably kill me, but check out a panel of my pencils and then again with Gary's inks on it.

Pretty cool eh? To the untrained eye they probably look exactly the same, but they are not. Gary does neat little things to her hair, making it look more 'hair like' . Also her arm band has a texture of worn leather instead of looking just like her boots for example. Small stuff, but it helps to make what I intended look better to the reader and gives the person reading the book a better bang for their buck- even if they don't realise it.

Cheers to Gary! I love working with pro inkers.. ;-)