boba Fett

Sunday, July 18, 2010

COLORS Tom Berry

Anyone who knows me, knows I CAN NOT do any type of all. Sure, I know good coloring when I see it, but as far as doing it myself? No so much. Luckily there are some fantastic color artists in this world, (who probably all have computers that are much faster than mine!) some of whom like to work over my linework.

You may remember Tom Berry was kind enough to color the Venom Vs. Wolverine pic I did a while back. It looked alot like this:

When Tom saw my Dredd pages over on my Deviantart page, he asked If he could color one up. I emailled him a large scan, and just the weekend he sent along this page:

Pretty spiffy, huh? I dont even want to ask how long it took him, but there are many, many hours of work in me.

Tom Berry's a really good artist as well, just check his Deviant art site for a real treat!

Thanks Tom, this blog needs a dash of color every now and then. Good job!