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Friday, August 20, 2010

Holmes INC!

It looks like HOLMES INC is set to drop very soon, so it’s finally time to talk about it! This is a project I’ve been working on with a number of local folks from the Toronto Cartooning workshops that I’ve taken. It’s all spearheaded by long time comic pro, and all around great guy, Ty Templeton.

The really cool part about this for me, is the fact that Ty has INKED my pencils for this one! As an added bonus, the lettering is done by Keiren Smith, who has colored my work in the past, and will again in the future. The pages look great, have a look below and see for yourself.

Advance copies of HOLMES INC. #1, will be on sale next week at Fan Expo. Look for it at the Toronto Cartooning Workshop/Fit to Print booth. Ty and I will be there signing the books on Saturday August 28th from 2-4pm. This book has lots of great new talent, and clocking in at 52 pages, it’s lots of comic for your money!

Please note: the ‘official’ release and launch party (along with website!) will be upcoming soon. Watch this space for details

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Convention appearances- Toronto and Montreal

They are coming up I'd better mention it here on the blog!

In 2 weeks, I'll be at Fanexpo Canada here in Toronto , in artist alley.
Or rather, MOST of the time I'll be in artist alley. I'm scheduled to run to panels interviewing Doug Mahnke (Green Lantern artist) Christian Alamy (Green Lantern inker) as well as Steve McNiven. ( artist on tons of stuff). If you don't know who Steve is, I can't help you. ;-)

A few weeks later (Sept 11th and 12th) I'll be at the Montreal comicon.

In both places I'll have some prints, WASTED magazines, Futurequakes and also the soon to be discussed 'Holmes INC.' comics with me. I'm sad to say all my sketchbooks are sold out as of the last con. However, my 'sketch hand' is strong, so feel free to come by and say hi!

Monday, August 9, 2010

WASTED #5 details and update.

I just got my copy of Wasted #5 in the mail, and finished reading it up.

As always, it’s a hefty comic tome, as it has 64 pages! That’s a good read for your money in my book. The ‘War on Drugs’ I pencilled up has 5 ½ pages in this issue, including 4 of them inked by Gary Erskine, who did a great job. I really enjoy working with him. Check out page 1 below.

WASTED also found another WOD strip that I did about 5 years ago and have since forgotten all about. It involves George Bush as president, so that should give you an idea about when I drew it! Just when I think they have used all my old stuff up, they find another page. ;-)

Some of the other terrific artists in this book are: Jon Haward Kevin Eastman, Kevin o'Neill, Simon Bisley, Alan Kerr, Jim Devlin, Alan Burrows & Curt Sibling. And that’s not all of them!

Please keep an eye out for this at news stands in the U.K. or they can be ordered at
Alan Grant has just sent me a great WOD Narcobitch script for the next issue, which I’m soon to pencil now that I’ve finished up all my other artistic commitments.

I will have 3 other books coming out in the next 3 months, so please check back soon, as I’ll post up the details when the books and their websites are ready.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

WASTED #5 is now out!

I've no time for a big update, but more details the meanwhile, if you see this at your local newsagents in the U.K., you wanna do yourself a favor and grab it!