boba Fett

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Calgary 2016 Expo and Art Book

I'll be at the Calgary Expo again this year, in artist alley spot S07

I'm also happy to be included in the 2016 art book, to support a worthy charity!

My original art will be donated and available for purchase in the auction at the end of the show. They have asked us to hold of on showing the image until the weekend of the show. So... I'll put the color version (with colors by Greg Harms!) up on my instagram ( Gibson_Quarter ) when I land in Calgary.

This is the best I can do until then!

See you at the show.  ;-)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Undertow #6 - 4 page preview

Undertow #6 is ready for launch. The supernatural western feature called the “Organ Grinder” continues in UNDERTOW #6 which will launch at Emerald City Comic Con  

This issue has 2 other stories featuring the talents of David Cutler, and "Fearless" Fred Kennedy with Ryan Howe on art duties.

Here is a 4 page preview of the Organ Grinder ...

This comic is available at the 7th Wave publishing website .

Please have a look and pick up a copy from the 7th wave booth at ECCC in Seattle, the website, or me directly at Calgary fan Expo !