boba Fett

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 - Year End round up

Its that time again...stats for 2015 are:

3 comics published this year.
 Undertow #5 , Frogman #3 and Looking for Group #6 (alternate cover)

1 Trade Paperback .
Frogman has been collected into a TPB, and issue #3 is in there.

3 new prints, and many commissions (my personal record!) done.

I joined my first studio environment ( RAID! ) and love it. I'm  learning lots from the talented folks that I work with how to REALLY use my Cintiq and work digitally.  

In 2015 I also did a LOT of comic-cons. I don't post them here  as they are too time sensitive.( I always mention them on my twitter and Facebook page.) It looks like I did 13 this year, including my first visit to New York Comic Con -that was the highlight for me for sure.

Looking back now, I realize I did WAY too many conventions. All the travel and the way it seems to interrupt my momentum with drawing pages was a real learning curve for me. As much as I love meeting the fans, I'm going to really scale back my convention appearances this year, probably doing 5 at the most.  

My goal now is to be very consistent with flowing put new pages, and getting better connected with Marvel, DC and other mainstream American publishers to (hopefully!) have more comics in the comic shops and hopefully pick a few new fans here and there.

A big THANK YOU to all those who have helped and supported me this all know who you are!!

Happy 2016 to all.