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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 -year end round up!

2011 was a good year.

In reflecting on 2011 and doing some more fact checking, this is how it checked out. I had 5 comics/magazines published this year, as well as contributing to 2 trade paperback collections. I got to go to the Gutters once and finally joined twitter! ( @gibsonquarter ) I also managed 3 Comic Conventions, a T.V. appearance, and did 12 months worth of ‘paying it back’ via A3on11. I also have 2 books ‘in the can’ that are 100% drawn and done …I’ll be talking about them very soon. So, that's basically what’s been keeping me busy for the past 12 months! (whew)

My goal is to make my art in 2012 even better, and I'm working on that as we speak. I've got a number of Cool projects awaiting my attention, and I’m doing my first American con this year in a few short weeks. New Orleans here I come!

To all those who have helped and supported me this year, THANK YOU! There are too many important people to list individually, but you know who you are.

Happy 2012 everyone!

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