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Thursday, January 19, 2012

UNDERTOW #2 - 5 Preview pages

In a little over a one week, Undertow #2 will be out. It's launching at the Undertow/7th Wave booth Jan 28th and 29th at Wizardworld Con in New Orleans. After Feb 1st it'll be available online here.

The book will be black and white once again and thirty-two pages featuring two stories: THE FORGETTING illustrated by Jonathan A. Rector and Greg Harms, and THE ORGAN-GRINDER illustrated by me. Both stories are written by Luke Donkersloot.

So, whats it all about? My short answer is: a one armed gunfighter, his chain smoking monkey and a mysterious cursed organ he can't destroy.

Fortunately for me, I have acess to a much better description: "A one-armed man travels over the blasted plain of the old west with only his monkey Moses to offer him company. Few ever take the time to ponder why Jeremiah walks around with an organ box strapped over one shoulder. It certainly hasn't been bringing him any luck of late.

Despite mounting obstacles, it’s been years since Jeremiah was forced to pick up a gun to defend himself. But marauders in the unsuspecting town of Rioda, Montana are about to push the “cripple” one step too far. The deep dark secret of the organ-grinder is close to being released. You'd best cover your ears as that old tune begins to play. "

Note: if you have trouble reading them due to sizing by blogspot, please click over here.

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