boba Fett

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WAR ON DRUGS! Well, a W.O.D. poster anyways...

I wanted to make an art print based on the 'War on Drugs' strips I do with Alan that appear in 'WASTED'. Since Wasted #3 is due out in a few weeks and I'm going to be at the Bristol Con in May to sign them, its seemed like a perfect time to whip one up! Here's what I came up with. This print includes almost every element that will appear in the first 5 issues of Wasted. I'm ahead on these strips, so consider this a sneak peek for what's ahead!

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and hope you guys like it too.

Now if it just had some color... ;-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deviant Art & Wolveine Vs. Venom colored

I’ve recently joined Deviant art, and I’m now KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT JOINING SOONER!

D.A. is AWESOME! There is so much amazing work there, I’ve found myself spending loads of time looking at terrific art. D.A. is also how this Wolverine Vs. Venom print just got colored by the super talented (and quick!) Tom Berry - a.k.a. Radiator.

I’ve admired Tom’s work for a while over at the monthly art competitions on the 2000ad boards. I really like his coloring sensibilities. His work is very unique, in a great way. Check out his DA gallery for proof of this.

I posted up the black and white linework of this print (shown down below on this blog) over at MY D.A. site:

and next thing I know Tom says he’s like to color it, but it might take a few months. Fair play. I can wait. Tom said he’d try and get it to me before I head to the UK for Bristol con…then 2 days later, he’s done! Perhaps Wolverine is his muse...I dunno. But I DO KNOW that he did a great job.

Thanks Tom!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Proof pin up for Image comics

Proof #25 came out today, and I did a pin up in there, so check it out!

This was originally gonna be colored by Riley Rossmo and I was very psyched about it, as he colors in a very unique way –see the cover for an idea of what I’m talking about...pretty spiffy , eh? In order to work with his coloring style, I left it penciled as I thought it would mesh better with Riley’s colors. Anyways, the deadline monster reared its ugly head and it was published directly from my pencils as seen below. To Alex Grecian’s credit, he did say if I waited for the next issue he’d get it colored and in there….but I opted to have it in #25 , as this was always scheduled to be a special issue with a number of Pin ups in there.

That Alex and fellers they are…check out this book!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

‘Creativity nerve Central’…a.k.a. where the work happens!

Happy new Year ya’ll!

Over the holidays I had the time to read ‘Studio Space’ by Joel Meadows, which I really enjoyed. It’s quite interesting to me to see where the folks whose work I admire do what they do. Everyone’s workspace is so unique- just like their work. I highly recommend this read, it’s a great book.

With that said, here is my studio set up, where I’ve created almost all of my published work in the last 3 years.

Probably the most important thing that you can’t see is my computer and scanner. They are to the left of me when I’m sitting at my art board. My computer is where ALL my music comes from, so if I go deaf on my left ear only…now you know why! ;-)

Oh, and the Frank Quitely Authority page taped to my table is NOT an original (obviously) but a photocopy I made a few years ago. It was put there for inspiration originally, and now it has about 142 dots on it. Why dots you ask? Well almost every page I’ve worked on has had 2 or 3 vanishing points go off my page, so its come in very handy!! Actually, my whole table looks like it might have the chicken pox for this very reason…