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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sci Fi art now book.

John Freeman just informed me that the 'The Extinction Hunter' cover that Keiren Smith and I did, has been selected to be in an upcoming art book called : SciFi Art Now , which is due for release in October in the U.K. and it looks like there will be a simultaneous release in the US.

Pre-order via

Pre-order via

This is very cool news for me, as its the first hardcover art book I've been in. The introduction is from veteran SF illustrator Chris Foss and the final line-up of art is a good cross section of talent, including work by Bob Eggleton, Ron Miller, Lee Gibbons, John Picacio, Rian Hughes and many others, at varying stages in their careers.

The blog is up at . Closer to the release date, I'll be doing a '10 Questions' segment to answer whatever questions they can throw at me...and speak a bit about what I have coming out later this year. Keep watch here, I'll be sure to mention it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Original Art on EBAY -Fundraiser

I've just been told that the original art I donated to the Shuster foundation for a fundraiser has been posted up on Ebay. You can check the auction out here.

I have never sold any of my art, and actually have everything I have ever done, except for 3 pages which were given as gifts. I may consider selling some in the future, but I really feel uncomfortable letting any of it go right now. The upshot of this is, if you are interested in pciking up some of my original art, this may be the best and only chance you'll have for a while.

Any hey, its for a great cause!! Check out the Shuster site for more info.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Colored WOD print for the cons.

Just got the final file from Jamie Grant, and he did a great job on coloring this up. Apparantly, this will be the back cover for the next issue (4th) of Wasted magazine.

I will have some of these to sell at the cons this summer (Bristol in May and Toronto in early June). They look great printed up...and I hope you agree!

I'm working right now on some Dredd pages for Tharg. A six pager sample from a terrific Gord Rennie script. It's a script that's already been published, but I've not seen it in print. I'm working quite differently on this one, using photoshop more than I ever have to help with certain shots/layouts etc. I'll post up the fruits of these labors- well one or 2 pages anyways- in the next few weeks. I'll bring all the pages with me to Bristol con in May, for those Dredd heads that wanna check them out.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy birthday, Gibson Quarter art blog!

It’s amazing to me…but I’ve just realized this blog is 1 year old as of this weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect when I started, but 31 posts later and it’s still going strong!

I want to thank all you kind folks who stop by and check it out. When I first started I kind of thought I might be talking to myself. (tap, tap…is this thing on? …Hello? ) Turns out that’s not the case! It’s kinda crazy how many hits I get, and it’s really exceeded my expectations. I don’t know where you guys come from, but I really appreciate you stopping by. Extra love to those that leave comments, as every single one is read and appreciated!!

The only frustrating thing about bloggin’ is the fact that I often can’t show everything I’m working on until it’s released. Rest assured that when I can show stuff I will, and I hope you agree it’s worth the wait.

Thanks for all the support!!