boba Fett

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

KIll Shakespeare - Tide of Blood pin up

Time sure has been racing by since the last update…I actually had a month sneak in here where I DIDN’T have an update. WTF? I hate that, and will try not to have that happen again for a while!

The Fan Expo show was amazing…. It ALWAYS is! It’s always a close battle for ‘best con of the year’ between Calgary Expo and Toronto FanExpo.  This year I give the nod (just barely!) to Fan Expo…mostly because I had a STELLAR booth girl again this year to help out.  Your move in 2014 Calgary!

I’ll have lots art coming your way soon. Once it gets close to the publication date, I’ll be showing some of it off here, on twitter, and Deviantart.

Speaking of publication date, here is a pin up for the Kill Shakespeare guys and their latest trade paperback - Tide of Blood. I think it turned out quite well, except for the weird crop it got in the published version. I designed it to bleed off the page, but when it came out, that didn’t happen. Cest la vie. Here is the version I had in mind.

 Great colors by the series colorist: Shari Hes

See you in a month!