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Monday, November 18, 2013

Undertow Comic interview in Self Publisher Magazine #69

The good folks at Self Publisher magazine recently did a nice 4 page article/interview with Luke and I regarding the Undertow as well as life and issues for a small publisher.

Luke Donkersloot, the writer and publisher at 7th Wave comics did most of the heavy lifting, but I pushed past my natural shyness (!) and spoke up a bit too. The download of this magazine is free (FREE!) and available here at this link.  SELF PUBLISHER #69

We are hard at work on Undertow issue #4 and I'm back doing the 'Organ Grinder' part of the comic. I'm once again joined by Adam Gorham on the 'Forgetting' also contained within. Its set to be released at ECCC next March and will be available at comics shops and the 7th wave website shortly after that.

Page 4 will probably look a little like the image below, but with words and stuff. Writers always seem to want to add them. ;-)
Undertow issue 4-'Organ Grinder' panels from page 4