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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Total Fear!

Curt Sibling , and artist who publishes TOTAL FEAR and has drawn stories over in Wasted with me, got in touch and asked me to do a pin-up drawing featuring two of his characters from Total Fear. He wanted a ‘Shard Vs. Roza’. Below are Curt’s illustrations of them along with his colors.

It’s a WEE BIT different stylistically than the way I draw. ;-) I was quite keen to draw it up for him, BUT in my style. Here’s what I came up with.

Pretty different, eh? I did keep them Curt Siblings nipples though! They really seemed to jump out at me from his art…ahem.

Curt was pretty happy with it, and colored it up. He did a great job, check out the image at the top of this post. Chalk it up to another blending of differeing styles that works out great!


  1. very nice you two work well together , your getting better all the time Gibson with your dynamic figure drawing and Curt has done a cracking colour job on your art

  2. You are carving yourself out a niche as King of the Mid-Air Fight Scene, so throwing in a scantily clad lady and some tentacles and you could make it big in Japan too.

    "I did keep them Curt Siblings nipples"

    Remind me never to upset you. ;)

    PS: The verification code for this was "turly ho"

  3. Emp, thats great...'Turly Ho' is indeed suitable!