boba Fett

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WAR ON DRUGS! Well, a W.O.D. poster anyways...

I wanted to make an art print based on the 'War on Drugs' strips I do with Alan that appear in 'WASTED'. Since Wasted #3 is due out in a few weeks and I'm going to be at the Bristol Con in May to sign them, its seemed like a perfect time to whip one up! Here's what I came up with. This print includes almost every element that will appear in the first 5 issues of Wasted. I'm ahead on these strips, so consider this a sneak peek for what's ahead!

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and hope you guys like it too.

Now if it just had some color... ;-)


  1. great stuff, just read my comp of WASTED ISSUE 3 loved ol' Johnny K the trip out panels worked really well and it was well funny congrats bud :-)

  2. Thanks Jon! I've not got my copy of issue #3 yet...but I'm checking my mailbox...any day now!