boba Fett

Friday, February 26, 2010

Futurequake #15 -on sale soon!

In a few short weeks Futurequake 15 goes on sale in the U.K. For all the juicy details keep watching the FQ blog and/or the main sight here.

I'm quite happy with it, and I hope folks enjoy it. It was written by Greg Dunford, and greyscalled/colored by Keiren Smith. Please keep a sharp eye out for it.

Since there's a neat 'making of' this cover posted over at the the Futurequake Blog, I'm finally able to show the cover off here. I found it rather interesting that the cover I wound up drawing was NOT the one I would have picked myself! That's why I enjoy getting other artists opinions. Everyone (Including a few pros like Frank Quitely) told me to do the one you see below, rather than the homage to 'Death Dealer' by Frazetta that I was gonna whip up. Just goes to show you that Bolt-1 and the FQ folks have a sharp eye for cover design.