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Friday, June 25, 2010

Wasted #5 -So fresh and so Clean!

I’m working on the next issue of Wasted right now –number 5, and I’m really looking forward to this one coming out in the fall. It’s gonna have Gary Erskine on inks, and my pencils as seen here. I’m to have 5 pages in this issue.

Going forward, Johnny K and the ‘War on Drugs’ strips, will now have the latest and greatest art I can make. Wasted has now burned through the inventory of pages that I’d had banked over the last few years- including the ones I’d originally done for Wasted’s predecessor, ‘Northern Lightz’ magazine. Over the last few issues I think my art has been a bit uneven in places, mainly due to some of it being done 2 years ago! However, that’s all history now. I’m really happy to get my newest stuff out there, as I’ve learned a lot and improved dramatically in how I approach my pages. I think that the stories will be stronger for it. When compared to the older WOD work, I’m now trying to be more dynamic and exciting in the layouts and the ‘movement’ of my art…I hope it shows!

I’ll post up here when it hits the stands in the fall.


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  1. yep it shows i'm pleased your drawing your own style now and your layouts are getting better all the time bud, this should look great inked by gary