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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get the lead out!

It occurs to me it’s been a little while since I actually posted any new art here on my ART blog. There’s a good reason for that, and it’s that things have been crazy busy with the cons, travel, and life in general. I’m also working on stuff right now that won’t be published for a while, so it’s a bit too early to show it off just yet. That said, I suppose I can always throw a sneak peek of a rough panel from page 2 of the next ‘War on Drugs’ strip ….

At the moment I’m working on 3 projects. They all have deadlines that are WAY to close for my liking. Basically, I’m a very busy boy right now! I’m penciling Wasted’s pages for issue 5, then I’m doing 7 pages for ‘ Holmes INC.’ with FTP. ( For folks that like art production stuff , very early details of that can be found over here.) I’ll be talking about FTP and Holmes INC more as we get closer to the launch of this one. Lastly, I’ve got a long delayed 8 pages for the O.G. over at 7th wave productions. Hang in there Luke, they’ll be over to you soon, I swear!

Many thanks to all the folks who came by the Fan Expo last weekend and said hello! I really enjoyed my 2 days there, and it went really well for me. I sold out of my Wolverine prints, (don’t worry I’m making more for the next con), all the Wasted magazines I had, and my sketchbooks also sold out! I’m planning to take some time and re-do the format for my next sketch book. I’m thinking I’ll balance it a bit by including both finished pages (like the Dredd page here)and the ‘sketchier’ stuff like Johnny K above. What do you folks think? Do you like to see ‘sketchy’ stuff, finished art, or both from the artists you like? I’m certainly gonna think this one over before I put out my next sketchbook. Feel free to LMK what you think. I’m just an email or comment post away.

A special shout out to the guy who brought me the pre-made, home-made ‘Wasted’ War on Drugs PAPER for me to draw on. My photo was taken a few times while I was sketching a Narcobitch for him, so if I get a picture I’ll post it up here to show you what I’m talking about. Trust me, it was a very cool!

Now back to the drawing board.


  1. Your Dredd pages are your best stuff. When you get that same edge on your other pieces they are fricking off the hook! That Wolvie print and the OG cover have got it. Good stuff, my friend, keep it up.

  2. Loving the Dredd pages I've seen here - the style is really working well and your layouts/composition are top notch (love the range of "camera angles" you use, down to a very subtle few degrees of vertical - it really helps dial up dynamism a few extra notches).

    The odds are close in the "Next Dredd" book but this might just push you into the favourite position but it is still all to play for.