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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Frogman #3 Kickstarter, with original art!

Frogman #3 is a 32 page comic from the U.K. which will be out this fall from the fine folks at Dead Canary comics.

I'm pencilling/inking and greyscalling the whole book.This is the first Kickstarter I've ever been a part of... Please have a look and show it some love!

Since its a U.K. book, kickstarter funding will determine how widespread the distribution gets. So have click and check out the video for all the details.…/frogman-3-the-death-of-frogman

During the kickstarter campaign, there are 4 pages of my original art from the book up for grabs as an incentive stretch goal! If you are interested in  my original art, here is your chance to pick some up.

If you have social media and feel like helping, please RT/share etc to help get the word out. It will cause good karma to follow you everywhere! ;-)

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  1. He’s Green, he’s wet, he ain’t your pet… He’s FROGMAN, and he's back because every trilogy deserves a part 3!

    David Cena,

    Fundalix Url