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Monday, March 28, 2011

Zarjaz #11 -On Sale now!

Zarjaz 11 is now on sale in the UK at FPI and now ORBITAL of London, and can be ordered right here.

This amazing cover is by regular ABC Warrior artist and 2000a.d. regular CLINT LANGLEY! Click on this beauty for a larger image.

Stories and talent featured in this edition are:

Joe Pineapples- Tin Man by Lee Robson and Chris Askham
Mongrol- Blogging by David Withers, Bolt-01 & Mike Carroll
Mek-Quake- Little Jobs by The Emperor and Conor Boyle
Deadlock- Unrepentant by Richmond Clements, Gibson Quarter & Jim Campbell (inks & letters)
Blackblood by Eric Moore and Dunk! Nimmo
Steelhorn- Shadow of the titanic by Matthew Badham and Matt Soffe
Robusters- Terror in the Baltic Ben Clark and Nick Dyer
A.B.C. Warriors- RICOCHET by Richmond Clements and Kevin Levell

I wanted to put up the first 2 pages of story, but I dont have the lettered versions. So, the final inked pages will have to suffice. Even though we have a quick decapitation here, it's 'family' rated when compared to the last page of this me!


  1. Pants! Did I never send you the lettered versions, GQ? Grovelling apologies -- I'll rectify that in the morning.

  2. Shirts! :-)

    I'll look forward to seeing them.