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Monday, January 17, 2011

WASTED #7 -Preview the Vampire Vixens, and Narcobitch returns!

Wasted issue 7 is locked and loaded, and set to be out in early February. This issue will feature the return of Narcobitch (remember her from issue #4?) & even more 'War on Drugs'. Along with the 'Tales of the Buddha' and other regular strips, this issue also features the debut of the 'Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht!' I've seen most of Alex Ronald's art on this one, and it's drop. Dead. GORGEOUS.

This one looks to be WASTED's strongest issue yet! Grab one when you see it on news agents after Feb 5th , as I suspect this one will sell out rather quickly.

Here's some preview art. All of it's found in Wasted #7. If its black and white it's mine, if it's colored, it's Alex's...enjoy!

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