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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sex, Violence, Wickedness and Suffering in Murky Depths #14 -out now!

MURKY DEPTHS issue #14 is out now and on sale here. This issue features a 5 page story called ‘Performance Anxiety’. For this story, I penciled and inked over layouts by long time industry pro (and all around talented guy), Ty Templeton. The grey tones were done by artist Eden Bachelder, and it was written by Greg Dunford - he of Hard Drive fame!

This was originally commissioned for the ‘Sex, Violence, Wickedness and Suffering’ comic, which somehow never saw print…imagine that! It’s like the censors were just waiting to pounce. Anyways, this story features a naked man at work, violence, naked women-also at work, sex, a nuclear explosion, the end of the world…AND it has a touching ending. All in 5 pages.

I had to look hard to find a bit of to show that wasn’t too graphic for my taste here on the blog. I found this part of page 2 which I cropped, but it’ll give you an idea of what to expect…

For the complete story, please be sure to go here!

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