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Friday, September 10, 2010

More Fractal Fiction! page 38

It's time for more FRACTAL FICTION! Fractal Fiction is a web comic done by a talented crew of folks in the U.K. They use me a pinch hitter once and a while, (remember this?) and its time for me to step up to bat again.

The colors for this were done by Matt Soffe inks and letting by Jim Campbell, and driving the knackered old bus with script in hand, is the Emperor

The original pencils, looked exactly like this.

There are plans afoot to collect this into a printed version, but for now, I recommend starting at page 1 and having a read through. It's a wild ride!


  1. An action-packed punch to the heart - just what I hoped you'd deliver and didn't you just go and exceed expectations.

    For those following the process along at home here are Jim's inks.

  2. Once again, a pleasure to work with you sir.

  3. Cheers guys! I'm up for doing some more in the next arc. Keep up the good work on FF over there!

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  5. Hello Gibson,
    I saw you at the Montreal Comic Con. I really like the print I bought from you, it's really nice.

    Also can't wait to read Holmes Inc!