boba Fett

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fractal Fiction! – page 12

What’s Fractal Fiction you ask? It’s a way cool web comic by some of my U.K. friends as written by Emperor . I recommend you go here and click the start here button on the right. Basically, you need to read the blog from the first starting post to see all the pages in order.

Fractal Fiction’s art team rotates, and I’ve just seen my ‘guest artist’ page put up, so I can now post it up here to share it with you. ‘Enigmatic’ Emperor wrote it, ‘Mysterious’ Matt Soffe did the colors and ‘jumping’ Jim Campbell lettered it up.

For those that like such things, here’s a look at the lines I drew before the U.K. magic was applied to it.



  1. Superb work and a joy working with you.

  2. Great stuff--love that last panel especially.

  3. Thanks David! You're not the first to comment on that last panel. Most folks seem to think it worked out well. It was the clearest image in my mind when I was doing the thumbnails, so I guess first instincts are the best.